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COVID & Flu Vaccinations - updated 23/09/2022

We are now booking in for the latest version of COVID and Flu vaccinations.

  • You can use this to book any or all of: Covid, 'Flu & Pneumonia vaccine

  • For Covid vaccine: Patient must be >= 65y/o. Patient must also be at least 4 months since previous Covid booster and/or Covid infection (if so please defer)

  • For 'Flu Vaccine: The list if eligible patients is broad: Click Here

  • For Pneumonia Vaccine: Click Here

  • It is safe to give all 3 at the same time, but if you wish we can give separately.

  • If you meet above criteria please use this button to book (if no slots left - check back again, we open up more on a daily basis)


  • Severely immunocompromised patients <65y/o can also receive updated covid vaccine - please ring the clinic to book. (Note the criteria for 'immunocompromised' for this vaccine is quite restrictive, please check this link before ringing us to avoid disappointment.)

Order a Repeat Prescription

Please allow 5 working days for repeat prescription requests.

Request Extension of an Illness Certification

We will plan to contact you back within 3 working days

Request general paperwork, support letters etc

We will plan to contact you back within 5 working days.

Request COVID19 consult/test

If you have COVID19 symptoms or believe you meet criteria for a Test or are a Contact.

Submit your paperwork for a Social Welfare Cert

If we have submitted a MED1 ('DEASP' or 'Social Welfare') form for you, you will need to submit your part of the paperwork.

Book Appointment

Appointments can be booked by phone at 01 4557260. All consults are by phone at this time - we will ask you to attend in person if need be at no extra charge.