New Patients

Our clinic is operating at full capacity. However, we have recognised that during the COVID crises there are family and friends of existing patients and others whom urgently need access to medical care, but for whatever reason do not have access to another GP. To assist the community we are seeing such patients on a case by case basis, for the acute issue only. Doing so does not imply ‘joining the practice’ over the long term in the usual sense. Otherwise, our list remains closed – we are not taking on new patients. We are not taking on any new GMS or DVC card patients. We hope to reopen our list in the future. Thank you.

Child Safety

Our child first polciy is available at the front office - please ask

Health and Safety

Our policy is available at the front desk - please ask


Our price list is posted in the waiting room - please ask if any clarification needed. 'Follow up consultation' refers to a consult for the same issue within 3 weeks.


We welcome same and see it as a valuable way to improve the clinic. We ask that you write a letter and hand it in at reception, marked for the attention of the 'practice manager'. We will get back to you within a week. If for any reason you do not wish to do that, please feel free to ring the practice and ask for one of the managing partners - Dr Laffan or Dr Wuczynska.

Data Protection

We adhere to GDPR legislation. Please ask at the front office for detailed GDPR policy issues. Please note that medical records are subject to several pieces of legislation, not just GDPR.