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HSE Recommended Groups for Influenza vaccination, 2021/22 Season

• People 65 years of age and over (recommended aQIV)


• Children aged 2 to 17 years (recommended LAIV)


• Pregnant women at any stage of pregnancy (recommended QIV)


• all those aged 6-23 months and 18-64 years at increased risk of influenza- related complications such as (recommended QIV):


• Those with chronic illness:

• chronic heart disease (including acute coronary syndrome)

• chronic liver disease

• chronic neurological disease (where the neurological condition compromises clearance of respiratory secretions)

• chronic renal failure

• chronic respiratory disease (including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, cystic fibrosis, moderate or severe asthma, and bronchopulmonary dysplasia)

• diabetes mellitus

• haemoglobinopathies


• Those with immunosuppression due to disease or treatment, including asplenia or hyposplenism, and all cancer patients


• Those with any condition that can compromise respiratory function (e.g. spinal cord injury, seizure disorder, or other neuromuscular disorder,) especially those attending special schools/ day centres


• Children and adults with Down syndrome


• Children with moderate to severe neurodevelopmental disorders such as cerebral palsy and intellectual disability


• Children on long-term aspirin therapy (because of the risk of Reye

• syndrome)


• Those with morbid obesity (Body mass index >40)


• Residents of nursing homes, old people’s homes, and other long stay facilities where rapid spread is likely to follow introduction of infection


• Healthcare workers


• Household contacts of people with underlying chronic health condition or Down syndrome


• Out-of-home care givers for people who have an underlying chronic health condition or have Down syndrome. A carer is someone who provides ongoing significant level of care to a person who is in need of care in the home due to illness or disability or frailty.


• People in regular contact with pigs, poultry or waterfowl

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