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Illness Claim forms (non-covid)

To claim illness benefit from the DEASP (department of social protection) you need to submit two things:

1) a Med1 cert, which we will electronically submit on your behalf


2) an IB1 which you need to fill in and send back to the DEASP. There are 2 ways to do this:

a) Online:


b) Paper form: Phone 1890 800 024, or email, or call into our office to get a blank IB1. (note that the DEASP have advised they cannot accept photocopied IB1 forms - you must use an original).  The address for the IB1 form is: FREEPOST, Social Welfare Services, PO box 1650, Dublin 1.


You must submit a new IB1 at the start of each new illness. You do not need to to it again if your cert is a continuation of a previous.

You may wish to advise your employer to allow adjustment in payroll if needed.

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