Dear Patient,

Update 26/4/21:

We are currently vaccinating our >70y/o's. We hope to complete that program in the next 3 weeks which is great news.

Regarding Patients under 70 years of age, we have received some guidance from the HSE:

For any patient aged 60-69 y/o & for those aged 18-59 whom are not in the very high or high risk categories:

  • We are simply not allowed to vaccinate for these groups. The vaccines belong to the HSE, not us; please do not ring asking us to divert vaccines when we cannot do same.

  • For those in these groups we advise you to register in the HSE portal.

  • The HSE criteria for Very High Risk (Group 4) and High Risk Patients (Group 7) can be accessed here.


For those aged 18 - 59 whom also meet the criteria for Very High Risk (group 4) or High Risk (group 7) as above, we have been asked by the HSE to build a list of our patients whom meet these criteria.

  • We have developed a form for you to submit your name to us if you meet the criteria, and when the HSE further advise us we will pass this list over to them.

  • We expect that our patients in this group will be vaccinated in HSE mass vaccination centers; it is reasonable to expect this will be done asap and before other people in this age group - but we have no further details/dates at present.

  • Please do not ring the practice re vaccination issues - you will be redirected back to this page.


If you have access to another vaccine in the meantime or also wish to register on the main HSE portal we advise you to do same.

Kind Regards,

Crumlin Medical Clinic