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COVID19 Certs & Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

(Note this information is relevant only to certs for 14days isolation or for confirmed cases of COVID19. For regular illness certs (including Cocooning for COVID) please see the section 'illness claim forms' in the menu above)

  • COVID 19 Illness/Isolation Certs

    • During the COVID19 outbreak we are at the request of Public Health providing certs for 14 days isolation. These certs differ from normal certs in a few ways:

      1. They are effective from the 1st day of illness (not day 6 as typical).

      2. To claim the COVID19 isolation/illness benefit, you need two things:

        1. A MED1 form – we will send that electronically to the department of employment and social protection (DEASP) and will send you a copy by email and

        2. You must also submit your personal data via

      3. The ONLY cert we issue for this is the Department of Employment and Social Protection cert (the MED1 form), which is sent electrically and we can issue you a copy via email. Please use this to show employer. Please do not ring the clinic looking for any other type cert, we will not be able to provide it and phone lines are being clogged with such requests.

      4. We will under no circumstances issue a ‘fitness to work’ letter at the end of the period. The requirement for ending isolation are set by the HSE so please direct your employer to the public health page:

  • 'Cocooning'

    • Those with certain medical conditions are being asked to 'Cocoon'. The type of cert we are being asked by DEASP to provide for this is a regular DEASP cert (please see the section 'illness claim forms' in the menu above). We cannot issue a 14 day COVID19 illness/isolation cert for cocooning.

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